Unable to login to billing account, or reset password


I’ve been trying to login to my billing account for over a month now. I’ve been trying to make a payment for my account however, when I try to login it says my password is invalid. Which is odd since I use a password manager and don’t recall changing it since signing up.

When I try to reset my password I never receive an email (I use gmail). I’ve received emails from flaunt as recently as July 25, however haven’t gotten any password reset emails (Been trying for a few weeks now).

I’ve also made multiple attempts to email you directly (contact@flaunt7.com) however still haven’t heard back.

It’s now been over a month and my website is suspended, and I’m still unable to pay my invoice.

Any chance someone can help me through here, since it seems emailing doesn’t work for me.


Due to our no log policy, we had locked your account to protect your privacy and delete all your account logs as you hadn’t paid your invoice even after it had become overdue and we thought you will not return.
I have unlocked your account and you can login and pay your invoice now.

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