Flaunt7 SSL Server Error When Creating SSL Cert

We are trying to test your service by using the free service you provide and we have located a server error, and when I try to send a support ticket about it, all we get in response is “Please note that we don’t offer any support services for free hosting.”. Wouldn’t a customer trying to report a server error be an exception, if not it should be.

Your SSL service has a server error and will not enable the SSL service to activate because our domain has a hyphen in the domain name (www.arcana-x.com). This would prevent anyone who has a dash in their domain name from using your automated SSL service. I’m not sure how we can publish a favorable report under the circumstances of an SSL service that will not work and customer support being unresponsive.

We have provided a screenshot of the error from your server in the support ticket that we previously opened.